Friday, June 8, 2018

Vintage cards from Red Cardboard part I - the trade bait

My vintage project has really been a lot of fun and I continue to be actively seeking more trading partners who are willing to trade me vintage (pre-1978) cards, in any condition. While I have tens of thousands of modern cards to trade, I am also ending up with a fair amount of 1970s and even a few 1960s to trade. Anyone who wants to trade let me know!

Another blogger who recently started a vintage project is Red Cardboard. Like me, he is collecting beat-up old vintage. I traded him a box of my beat-up vintage for a box of his. Too much to show in one post so I'll start with the dupes. All of these are available to trade. In just about every case, I will trade you whatever card is in the best condition so if you are interested in the card but concerned about the condition, I likely have a better one for you.

Quartet from 1971.
 A few from 72.
 Some 73s.
 Lots of 74s, including Frank Robinson and two Orlando Cepedas.
 Lots more from 74.
 Also some of those '74 team checklists and lots and lots of 74 Topps Traded, that must have been printed in very large quantities because they keep showing up everywhere. Probably got almost a whole second set, maybe even most of a third.
 Some 75s, including Rollie Fingers.
 Finally, a quartet of singles from various other sets, including two more hall-of-famers.

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  1. In the stacks of 1974 Topps, would you happen to have any Indians cards? I am missing three cards to complete the Indians team set. You can reach me tim(underscore)gretchen(underscore)marriage AT

    Thanks, Tim