Monday, June 25, 2018

Nine cards of vintage trade bait

It's Like Having My Own Cardshop is having a contest - to enter you have to do a post of nine cards. As I am looking to do more vintage trades, here are nine of the best vintage cards I have available to trade. Anyone interested in a trade do let me know!

This is the oldest cards I have to trade, from 1966 Topps.
 1967 Topps Frank Robinson.
 1968 Topps Phil Niekro; I have two of these to trade.
 1970 card of blogger-favorite Hoyt Wilhelm.
 Two really good rookies on this card.
 I also have two copies of this Hall-of-Famer available to trade.
 Another Hall-of-Famer in an unexpected uniform. Nice paint job on that cap.
 1974 Topps Bob Gibson; I also have his 1975 available to trade.
 Rookie card of Hall-of-Famer Gary Carter.


  1. I wouldn't mind trying to work something out for the Robinson and Niekro.

  2. Thanks for entering my contest! Hope you're able to work out some great trades!