Tuesday, June 5, 2018

JWillden trade - the legends

Lots of great cards of retired players in this trade. I like the signs for Gem Razor and "Don't Forget to Simonize" in the background of this card.
 Even better is this card with a US War Bonds sign on the upper deck.
 Here's a card of Reggie Jackson in a Yankees uniform. What "moonshot" is the card referring to?
 The one he hit in the 1971 All Star Game. The card says Yankees on the back too. There is no way to tell from this card that Jackson was an Oakland Athletic when he hit that home run. If I was an A's fan this card would make me mad.
 The missing logos are annoying, but this is a cool image of Billy The Kid.
 Tony Lazzeri was never a catcher. This appears to be some 90s-minor-league style fooling around from a 1927 Yankee.
 This 2017 Topps Archives card is new to me. It has the same photo as his 2013 Topps Archives card which I've probably received in half a dozen trade packages in the past year or two.
 Really nice Collect-A-Book.
 Finally, here's a reverse negative of Yankees legend Marvelous Marv Throneberry.


  1. Reggie is def. sporting NYY duds. You can see the NY on his helmet. They probably should have used an A's photo.

  2. JW really dropped some nice stuff on you! Love Swell!