Monday, June 11, 2018

Remember the Death Star

Bru of Remember the Astrodome was giving away Star Wars cards on his blog recently. I'm a big Star Wars fan so was glad to get these. Star Wars Galaxy was a fun set with a lot of weird, quirky images, most of them original to the set.

Jack Davis was a legendary Topps artist and did the cartoons on the backs of the baseball cards for many years.
 Gahan Wilson is another famous artist with a very unique style.
 Lots of fun images in this set.
 Nice to see an Ewok Adventure card.
 Growing up in the 1980s there wasn't much behind the scenes literature. I took out the Lando Calrissian novels over and over when I was a kid. Those books are largely forgotten today, but all three are referenced in the new Solo movie which was very cool.
 One of the best aspects of this set was artists coming up with images for events that happened off-screen. here is Uncle Owen dragging a young Luke away from an Imperial recruitment poster.
 Here's another one with Uncle Owen, featuring his and Beru's last stand.
 Bru threw in some baseball set needs too. Thanks!


  1. SW makes for some nice art cards.

  2. Great stuff. That SW birthday party card is my favorite. Don't think I've seen it before.