Sunday, June 3, 2018

Catching up with newer cards

I've been obsessing over vintage cards lately but that doesn't mean I love the newer ones any less. I got a huge package of (mostly) Yankees cards from JWillden 27 (his blog appears to be down) that was too awesome for just one post. Here is just a small sampling from the huge box he sent me.

Lots of shiny in this box. Including a whole bunch of Topps Gold Label.
 Here are some things that I don't know if I would count as cards. The round Jeter card, yes. The Mattingly coin? Maybe. The Chipz? No. Anyone collect those?
 Two of the shiniest cards in the box were these sparkly refractors.
 Speaking of refractors - people rag on Panini and for good reason, but they have made some very nice looking cards.

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  1. There was a parallel of those Topps Chipz that were magnetic. I have a bunch of those on my fridge. They're kinda cool. The rest I could pass on though.