Friday, November 10, 2017

Blog Bataround: 6 Degrees of Bacon: Alfonso Soriano (and Mark Teixeira and Mickey Rivers)

Alfonso Soriano was the first player I was so excited about that I decided to buy a shirt with his name and number on it. A few weeks after I bought the shirt he was traded to Texas for A-Rod. I won't make the mistake of buying a shirt with the player's name on it again. Fortunately he found his way back to the Yankees and I was able to wear the shirt again.
Soriano played with Mark Teixeira in his second Yankee go-round. Teixeira was my favorite player on the Yankees' most recent World Series winner, eight years ago.
Teixeira was one of several Yankees past and present who had voice roles in the cartoon movie "Henry and Me". Another was my dad's favorite player, Mickey Rivers.
Richard Gere was the lead actor in "Henry and Me".
He appeared in the movie Autumn in New York with Liza Lapira.
Lapira appeared in the movie Crazy, Stupid Love with Kevin Bacon.

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  1. A couple of years ago I had a student who was a Yankee fan and often wore a Curtis Granderson shirt. As a Met fan I had very mixed feelings about that. B^)

    Liza Lapira is pretty good on the new show 9JKL.