Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another street box

I picked up another street box. This is the second of what will probably be three, possibly four. Pretty similar to last time - lots of junk wax (anyone collecting 1986 Topps? 1987 Topps? 1992 Donruss?), some other base sets that I've already completed (anyone for 2001 Topps? 2008 Topps?), but enough recent randoms to make me happy.

In a way it is extra-special to get card needs from the junk wax era; it's pretty rare for me to pick up cards from 1987-1992 that I didn't already have. I got a couple of Collect-A-Books which were new to me.
 Inside the card-sized book are a couple of pages of stats and facts (did you know Kevin Mitchell's nickname was "Boogie Bear"?), and on the back is a neat caricature.
 An even older card need. Lots of fun to get an early-1980s food-issue oddball.
 Once again the recent cards were mostly, 2001 and 2002 Fleer Tradition, though there were a few randoms from other 2000s-era sets as well.


  1. I'm collecting 87 Topps AND 92 Donruss lol

  2. I need these 86T #s 1, 51,171, 180, 661, 709, 716, 730. And I need a ton of 2001 and 2008 Topps. I will be updating the 01s tonight.