Thursday, April 21, 2016

A street bag

My guy didn't have a box but he did have a little bag for me. There were about 60 baseball and football cards that were all chrome and refractor rookies. Still a pretty good deal for three bucks.

Most of the baseball ones were Bowmans. A few were dupes like this Ryan Khoury - anyone collect these let me know.
 He also "threw in" a couple of lightly damaged hall-of-famer cards. I don't care about condition myself so I'm happy to trade better versions of these cards to someone who can use them, and put these in their place in my collection.
 Finally, there was one surprise that was really unexpected and I was very happy to get - this autographed Dan Pasqua rookie card. Exciting to get an on-card autograph of a Yankee, and even better, one that I have interviewed for this blog.

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