Saturday, October 18, 2014

Huge haul post II: Recent baseball cards

This is the second part of the huge haul I picked up the other day. This is what I thought was all I was getting when I visited the guy. Of course it turned out to be much more.

One thing I am realizing with all of these recent transactions is that I am going to have a ton of dupes to trade, not amazing hits but definitely not junk wax. I am thinking of doing some kind of trade-a-thon, kind of like what Hot Corner Cards did recently. Look for something like that later this year...

Anyway, here are some highlights from the 1,000 or so baseball cards I thought would be the centerpiece of this transaction.

The guy was telling me "I know this is a good box because there's a bunch of Finest." I don't know that Finest is the big deal it was when it first came out but there was plenty in there. A lot of base cards plus one giant Finest cards of Darren Daulton.
 In the Craigslist photo there were a bunch of the new Donruss cards. That pretty much sold me because I am really enjoying that set. There weren't any inserts though which was a disappointment because I've seen them on other blogs and thought they looked cool, though it seems the reception for them on the blogosphere has been a bit cool. Well, if anyone has any inserts they want to get rid of I'd definitely be interested.
 A lot of SPs were in the box, which was cool because I don't have many and they are really great looking cards.
 There was quite a bit of unlicensed Signature brand cards across all sports.
 Most of the cards were mint but some were in pretty bad shape. A lot of the beat up cards were throwbacks, and I actually kind of like the idea of a poor condition throwback, it makes it look like a more realistic example of a 60 year old card.

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  1. I'd be okay if I never saw another Signature Rookies card again. I busted so many of their products in the 90's (complete waste of my bank account).