Friday, October 17, 2014

Another huge haul of cards I don't have any time for...

Right now I have a six-week-old, a three-year-old, am selling one house, buying another, and renting one in between. I have maybe half an hour a day to slowly go through sorting the 35,000 card extravaganza I bought last week. And yet there I was yesterday buying another large haul of cards. This one wasn't as big as the other one - maybe 5,000 or so cards all in, but was a lot more eclectic and interesting.

This was actually two lots. I was originally going to buy one lot of recent baseball and football cards for $18 - about 3,000 cards. However, the guy (who turned out to be a former dealer at the flea market I used to frequent - I may have even bought cards off the guy there years ago) found another box, an 800-count packed with nothing but inserts, refractors, parallels, numbered cards, jersey cards, autographs and vintage baseball and football, and mostly New York teams, which he let me have for $20. That's a pretty good deal especially for local teams whose prices usually get jacked up by dealers here, so I knew these were cards I would never get a shot at again at these prices. Finally, the guy, who was trying to make some room in his apartment, threw in a whole bunch of non-card and non-baseball stuff.

This haul was so big and varied that I am going to break it up into five posts.
I (today) - Recent football cards
II - Recent baseball cards
III - non-card and non-baseball stuff
IV - Football hits
V - Baseball hits

There is some really good stuff in each section. I will start off  with the football cards from the original lot. Football, like vintage baseball, is something I passively collect - I keep all the cards I get incidentally in lots like these (except for dupes which I trade) but I draw the line at actively collecting just recent baseball to keep my collecting from getting too expensive. When I was a kid I actually collected football cards and stickers right alongside baseball cards and stickers, from about 1986-1989. Then from about 1990-1993 I only collected baseball cards before stopping collecting for about ten years.

There were probably about 1,500 football cards in the lot, including a lot of big stars.
 There were a ton of that particular Pacific Crown set, as well as 1994 Ultra and 2007 Topps in particulary.

There were a lot of random cards from the last ten years or so, including a bunch of these "event-worn" Freshman Fabric cards, all of which have been thoroughly beaten up. Looks like Matt Leinart's card got sacked by the Giants.

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