Monday, April 8, 2013

The cards I didn't buy on Saturday

I picked up two hauls of cards on Saturday. One was the Topps sets I bought from a guy on Craigslist. Earlier that day I got a whole bunch of cards from someone on Freecycle. I had gotten cards from her last year, and she had more to give away. No ten Frank Robinson autographs, but some really cool stuff nonetheless. All of you collectors, especially those like me who aren't team or player specific but love all baseball cards, really need to be on those sites. People who were hoarding their collections for years looking to get rich off of them are realizing their cards aren't worth anything, except for those like us bloggers who love the cards for their own sake, not their monetary value.

Here is what I got - some of it is for show-off purposes, a lot is trade bait.

 - There were a bunch of these cans of Pinnacle Inside. I've never gotten any before - I guess I will need a can opener to get at the cards? Weird.
- There are two postcards of Hall-of-Fame plaques - Roberto Clemente and Mickey Mantle. I don't collect postcards so they are up for trade.
- Next to the postcards is a Willie Stargell tribute set from Sunoco - there were two in the lot so one is up for trade.
- Under the Stargell is an unopened 1992 Front Row Draft Picks set - I already have it so this one is up for trade
- Under that are autographed cards of Willie Stargell and Brooks Robinson. That is to show off, not for trade. Pretty cool, especially since you can't get autographed cards of Willie Stargell any more.
- There was a whole box of the 1993 Upper Deck BAT set of retired baseball legends. The last time I got cards from this person there was a complete set of these, so I don't need any more. I haven't gone through what's in the box, so I don't know if it's a complete set or not. Either way they're up for trade.
- The box on the right had a whole bunch of star cards in plastic. The cards I took out and put on top are all trade bait.
-  The brown box appears to have complete sets of all three years of Topps Big Baseball ('88, '89 and '90). I will have a lot of dupes and so plenty to trade.
- The '89 and '90 Topps Traded sets are up for trade.
- The other three boxes were loose cards from 94 and 95 UD and 95 Collectors Choice. Plenty to trade from those sets especially Collectors Choice since I have the full set.
 This is to show off - four signed cards of stars from the '69 Mets (plus an unsigned Tom Seaver). I'm a Yankee fan but I can appreciate that this is cool to get, especially for free.
 Finally, there were several binders of 8.5 x 11 photos, mostly from Front Row or Spectrum. They look like they are designed for autographs but none are signed. Most are star quarterbacks but there are a few baseball legends as well. I don't collect these so they are available for trade.

There were a lot of loose cards too, many in the junk wax category but plenty of interesting stuff too.


  1. I need any of the BAT cards with a Red Sox player on them. I have no idea which ones I need because I have never found a team set checklist for them so I would just trade for any you may have.

  2. I would love to lay claim to the Stargell set. I could definitely use it for the player collection.