Friday, April 5, 2013

Darrell Jackson on baseball cards

Darrell Jackson pitched five seasons for the Minnesota Twins, winning 20 games in the major leagues. He is now the Founder and President of the 10-20 Club, which provides early intervention to youth at-risk for joining gangs, as well as classes and other community service offerings in Downey, CA. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I like the card of my high school teammate Eddie Murray which mentions the fact that we went to high school together. Also there is a card of mine that has a minor mistake that has me wearing a red hat with a blue road uniform. The hat should be blue. I personally do not collect cards because a value is placed on them by collectors. A card worth 5 cents on the market is priceless to the player who worked hard to make it to the major leagues. I collect the cards of all the players who I played with in Compton California. Ken Landreaux,Ozzie Smith,Lonnie Smith, Derrel Thomas,Dan Ford, Chet Lemon, Rick Peters, Blue Moon Odom and Hubie Brooks as well as Bob Pate!"


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  1. I have a Bob Pate card!

    That '82 Fleer Jackson card always fascinated me.