Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amazing haul of cards (got some Frank Robinson autographs to trade!)

I recently got a couple thousand free cards from a poster on Freecycle. The post just said "80s and 90s baseball cards" so I wasn't expecting much, maybe a bunch of 1988 Topps. In fact, there was a lot of 1988 Topps in there - a full set! I actually needed one of the cards, because it was the variation on the Mark McGwire record breaker card. Anyone interested in trading for 791 of the 792 card set?

Amazingly, however, almost all of the other cards were not junk wax. For example, there were a ton of 2000 Fleer Tradition and Stadium Club cards.

Speaking of set collecting, my 1980 Topps wantlist got whittled down to five, with probably the most valuable of the cards I needed, Nolan Ryan! Now I just need Johnny Bench, George Brett, Tom Seaver, Reggie Jackson, and the Red Sox team card.

There was a bunch of 1995 Collectors Choice. I have the full base set, so all of those, including the Derek Jeter rookie card, are up for trade.

There were also a bunch of Silver Signatures, including the Jeter!

There were several small complete sets, including 1993 Upper Deck BAT/Foundation of Baseball, 1997 Cracker Jack minis (with a bunch of extras to trade), and series one and two of 1993 Duracell. I already had series one, so this one is up for trade.

There were some cool oddballs as well, the most interesting being some reproductions of Ken Griffey Jr.'s boyhood photos! Check out Dad's afro!

Judging by the address they were published out of someone's apartment.

That's some impressive muscles for such a little kid.

The coolest thing in the trade, however, were these eleven cards.

These were individually autographed cards produced by Canadian Club Classic Whisky. Whoever collected these cards must have been a big drinker! Apparently they did a promotion in the mid-90s with a few Hall-of-Famers autographing cards. I'm keeping one, so the other ten are up for trade. It looks like they generally go for about $15, so I would want to do a trade of similar value. I don't want to trade for other autographs, just cards, so take a look at my wantlists if you are interested, but let me know what else you might have for trade as I have a ton of other wants not listed.

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