Friday, February 22, 2013

Cards from Tribecards' Terrestrial Giveaway

Dave from Tribecards, the most generous card blogger out there, send out cards from last year's giveaway last week, and I got mine this week. I had asked for cards with interesting pictures, and got some really cool cards. (By the way, make sure to sign up for his 2013 "Giveaway From Outer Space"! Which I guess makes last year the "Terrestrial Giveaway.)

Here are a couple of highlights:

Here's a great shot at Yankee Stadium. Not sure if it's clear in the photo, but the fans' faces are airbrushed a bit, and one of the kids is wearing a Mariners' shirt.
 This is a fun card from a set I've never seen before, except on other blogs. I'm a big fan of cards with funny photos.

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