Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cards from Dime Boxes

Night Owl Cards is the consistent winner of the Blog-of-the-Year awards, and rightly so, but he's got some real competition from a pretty new blog by a 21-year-old out of Chicago. If you're not reading Dime Boxes - The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey, you're missing a lot. Nick and I recently completed a trade and I got a whole bunch of awesome cards in return.

There were a bunch of cards that appear to have been giveaways at a 1999 Tampa Bay Devil Rays game.
 Here's a great card of Houston, catcher for Chicago.
 "Has feel for bat head." That just sounds dirty.
 Steve Minus is a great baseball name.
 There have been quite a few cards of pitchers and a sunflower-seed-tub of baseball through the years. They still haven't gotten old.
 They really had some non-prospects in the old Topps Total sets. The Key to Success was usually some great baseball skill a player had. For Nick Trzesniak, who "rapped .237" in 2002, his key to success was "Brings positive energy to the ballpark."
 Mike Esposito was a white pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. Topps somehow got him confused with Darwinson Salazar, a black hitter for the Kansas City Royals.
 This is my favorite card of the lot - I'd seen this card on several blogs in the past and am glad to finally have it. Looks like someone dressed as Dustin Hermansen for Halloween and made out with a great haul.

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  1. Glad you liked everything, Bo!

    That Hermanson is one of my personal favorites as well.