Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1989 Buffalo Bisons (ProCards)

The Bisons were the Pirates' AAA team. Here is former Yankee Bobby Meacham, finally off the Columbus shuttle.
 Just a simple headshot of Steve Carter, who couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth.
 Mascot alert. Nothing cute or cuddly about this guy - pretty scary looking mascot.
 Pitcher batting cross-handed!
 General Manager batting correctly.
 The "PT Barnum" of Bufalo Bison baseball. Apparently he was very visible in trying to get a big league team to Buffalo.
 The Lester brothers, the Buffalo Bison batboys, make an appearance.

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  1. That card of Mike Billoni brings back memories. Yeah, he was basically baseball in Buffalo at that time. Pretty pleasant, too.