Friday, February 1, 2013

1989 Phoenix Firebird (ProCards)

The Phoenix Firebirds were the Giants AAA Team. Here's a great shot of pitching coach Marty DeMerritt.
 He's now a coach in the Rays system. Still pretty distinctive looking.
Charlie Hayes is best known as a Yankee, Phillie, or Rockie, but he started his career briefly playing for the Giants.
 The Yankees went eighteen years between World Championships, 1978-1996. Charlie Hayes was on the '96 team. His Firebirds teammate, Ron Davis, was on the '78 team.

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  1. Given his competition for the 3B slot (Matt Williams), it's no surprise he didn't remain a Giant. On the other hand, he only had to beat out Hensley Meulens for the 3B spot in New York.

    Very interesting bit if tivia about Hayes and Davis.