Sunday, February 17, 2013

1990 Utica Blue Sox

Here is the last, and in my opinion, best of the minor league sets I bought over the last few months. (Next I'll be going back to player profiles, catching up on a bunch of players whose cards I have gotten recently). These cards are listed as "Bill Pucko Cards" and are sponsored by Price Chopper Supermarkets. The design is more interesting than most minor league sets, and there are a lot of action photos.
 The backs are also interesting. It seems that they asked everyone their "top outside interest". Todd Martin's was his fiancee, Tina.
 Kevin Coughlin's prize was his '85 Camaro Z28.
 Morgana, the "Kissing Bandit," makes an appearance. This is actually an error card - her name is actually spelled Morganna.
 Apparently she was a minority shareholder of the club.
 I thought it was cool to get a card of Murnane Field, having owned the book Good Enough to Dream, about the 1982 Utica Blue Sox.
 Finally, I enjoyed Mike Bradish's quote about liking Mark McGwire because he was "huge and massive". I wonder if he also like Jose Canseco because he was big and large.

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  1. Thats a fun set Bo! I bought a set of Blue Sox cards after I read "Good Enough To Dream" too!
    I love these cozy parks and small towns in the NYPL. It looks like Murnane Field is still being used by a collegiate team.
    Also, I get a kick out of the odd personalities included in a set like this.