Friday, June 4, 2010

When they were catchers

Some random weird catcher cards:

From this cartoon, we can assume that Kevin Mitchell was moved from catcher because he was extremely immobile at that position.

From this card we see how little a pitcher knows about catching - no equipment, and squatting in front of the plate instead of behind it.

I guess Donnie Scott was a "catch and throw guy." Doing both at the same time.

This one actually fooled me. When I saw this card I thought, I didn't know Troy Neel had been a catcher. I looked him up and he never caught, even in the minors. So he was fooling with the cameraman and Line Drive ended up giving him the wrong position as a result.

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  1. Man, that's hilarious by Neel - can't believe he tricked the Line Drive people!

    Also, I was quickly reading his Wikipedia...dude owed $5k a month in child support to his wife and instead skipped town, got married, and ended up purchasing a small island Vanuatu (near Australia) where he and new wifey ran a 21 room resort.

    8 years later his Visa ran out and Vanuatu kicked him out, and now he's in federal custody in San Antonio, as he owes around $750,000 in child support now.

    You literally cannot make this stuff up!