Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Badass cards from Night Owl

Got some great cards yesterday from Night Owl, who has an "I'm Badass and You're Not" club. The best card is this 1983 Jack Perconte card. Check out the text on the back - probably the most badass I've ever seen on a baseball card.

"Aided in the apprehension of a gunman in police shootout in Two Guns, Arizona on drive home to Joliet, Illinois at conclusion of 1980 season."

Heck, even the town in which the incident occurs has a badass name - Two Guns, AZ. Here is Perconte's own account of the incident, in which his wife Linda foiled the gunman's attempt to kidnap her. She's even more badass than Jack.

Both Jack and Linda Perconte should be members of Night Owl's "I'm Badass and You're Not" club.


  1. Isn't that great? I knew the story of Perconte and the gunman (I'm also well-aware of him making the last out in 1980). But I didn't know the details.

    I'm going to have to review whether faking that you have to throw up is considered "bad-ass."

  2. Wow...that's insane. Nice little souvenir for them too!