Friday, February 5, 2010

Dan Pasqua on baseball cards

Dan Pasqua, a lefty slugger with a swing made for Yankee Stadium, hit 42 home runs in just 746 at bats for the Yankees between 1985 and 1987, when the Yankees dealt him to the White Sox in the ill-fated trade for Richard Dotson. He retired in 1994 with 117 major league home runs, and now gives hitting lessons out of the Bulls Sox Baseball Academy. He also has his own website,, and a Facebook Fan Club. He kindly answered my questions about his baseball card experiences.

"I collected cards as a kid back when you'd flip with your friends for cards. I gave all my baseball cards from when I was a kid to my brother who is an avid collector, even today.

The Upper Deck baseball card taken in '91 (but considered a '92 card) where I am sliding into home at Comiskey Park, won an award for the photographer that year. That is my wife's personal favorite baseball card of me.

My Topps Yankee Rookie card is obviously special to me, growing up in the NY/NJ area and being a Yankee fan as a kid and then being drafted by the Yankees was a dream come true.

I don't really "collect" per-se nowadays, but my 9 yr. old son and I every now and then will buy a pack of cards and see who we get. My son has a few books with cards in them, but nothing that he keeps up with on a regular basis."

Thanks! Some readers may remember that I wrote about that card a few months ago - he actually was safe!


  1. love this small interviews - keep em coming!

  2. That's cool. My memory of those late '80s teams was Phil Rizzuto acting like Pasqua and Pagliarulo were going to be the next great Yankee sluggers. But I think his Italian bias was showing.

    Heh, even my word verification sounds Italian: catiano