Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brian Tollberg on baseball cards

Brian Tollberg pitched four years for the San Diego Padres. His best season was 2001, when he went 10-4 in 19 starts. He now owns the Tampa franchise of Edible Arrangements, which creates fruit bouquets for personal and business gifts. He kindly shared with me his thoughts on baseball cards.

"I always loved collecting cards when I was a kid. I used to get the complete sets and put them in sleeves to show friends, trade, etc. I loved when there were error cards to try and find...good memories.

As far as a favorite of myself, I think it would be one from an Upper Deck collection that I signed 1500 of for random inserts into packs. It was by far the best picture take of me and it sells for the most money when I see it on Ebay.

I collected baseball cards when I was younger and still have the complete Topps sets from 1983-1990, including the traded sets. That's why it was such a thrill when I actually had my own made and to have kids send them to me in the mail to get signed."

Thanks! I couldn't find a picture of the card he was referring to (I believe it is 2000 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects #118), but here is a picture of the one Tollberg card I do have, from 2001 Topps.

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