Saturday, May 13, 2017

Parallel universe

Al had a guy looking for some Griffeys, so he asked me for one of every Griffey I had. That came out to 26 cards, so I traded them for 26 cards out of his binder. It can be hard to tell if I have a card or not, so I went with mostly parallels as they were more likely cards that I needed.

No Yankees in the binder, but I like the Cardinals so I certainly gravitated to this refractor.
 Two different gold parallels from 2008 Topps. One has gold lettering, the other a gold border.
 I had a feeling normal 1998 Upper Deck cards didn't have gold lettering and i was right - it's from a parallel set called "Special F/X" which was new to me. The other variation is the foil background.

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