Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wallet Card with the Wallet Card Champ prize

Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown introduced the Wallet Card in 2015, and most bloggers stopped doing it at the end of the year. I kept plugging along though (even I thought it was over) because I was enjoying doing it and it provided an outlet for another interest of mine that I didn't really have a blog space for. I was quite surprised then that Gavin declared my efforts the Wallet Card Champ for 2016. Pretty awesome to receive a prize you didn't even know you were competing for.

 And what a prize!
 An autographed Don Mattingly card! Needless to say that immediately becomes one of the biggest highlights of my collection. Thanks so much Gavin!

-  -  --- ----o

I figure I'll also use Gavin's method of breaking up his blog posts to break up this one and highlight something I should have done with my last trade package. When SpastikMooss threw in a Nick Johnson autograph in his trade package, it gave me my first ever trifecta - autograph, relic card and rookie card for one player. A few years ago it was a big thing on the blogs. You don't really see it much anymore but I thought it was cool that I finally achieved it for one player.


  1. Congrats again on your Wallet Card triumph! I wonder if anybody's gonna justify getting a prize in 2017.

    And congrats also on the trifecta! Looks great!

  2. That sure is one heck of a prize. That year of Fleer Greats has some of the best autographs of any set still to this day. Gavin rules!

  3. Great job on showing Mattingly around the past year!

  4. Congratulations, Mattingly sure got a work out this past year.

  5. Dang, congrats on the first trifecta! And the Mattingly/wallet card win. Your wallet posts have always been some of my favorites!

    Also I still have my wallet card in my card, but I haven't taken a picture in like a year and a half. But it's still there lol.