Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Throwbacks Awaken

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the third time this weekend. I am a huge Star Wars fan and while I enjoyed the prequels tremendously (unlike some fans) there's no doubt that this one is better in most ways. The old characters are still great and the new ones are a lot of fun and fit in seamlessly.

While Rey might be a great Jedi one day, one great Jedi who is active currently is JediJeff of 2 by 3 Heroes. I was fortunate to get cards from two separate sections of his Tis The Season giveaway.

One section was a whole bunch of 2015 from three of Topps's alternate brands. It's funny how one of the justifications for giving Topps a monopoly was to reduce confusion, and yet Topps is putting out lots of similar brands like Gypsy Queen, Heritage and Archives. How many throwback sets do we need each year? Still, as a completist, I am glad to have these cards.

 He also sent a bunch of cards that were duplicates from his throwback-jersey collection. I was not originally a fan of the whole throwback-jersey gimmick, but I kind of like cards like these when the uniforms are ones I remember from when I was younger.
 It also goes to show how much attention I really pay to uniforms - for this Bronson Arroyo card and a few others my thoughts were along the lines of - "This is a throwback? I didn't even realize they don't wear this uniform anymore".
If anyone else has or wants to start a throwbacks mini-collection let me know - I am going to have quite a few dupes to trade. Also will have a few dupes of the other sets above available for trade as well.

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