Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trade with Wrigley Roster Jenga

Got some cool cards in a trade with Wrigley Roster Jenga. Mostly recent Topps stuff but some other sets as well. Here are some highlights:

I have complained a few times about the sameness of the recent Topps sets, as well as praised several times the eccentricities of the early 80's Fleer sets. This card reminded me more of the latter than the former, with it's off-center photo of Gary Sheffield awkwardly avoiding an inside pitch. The only thing it needed was to be blurry and it would have fit right into 1982 Fleer.
 From this card I learned that Didi Gregorious's father is also named Didi and was a famous pitcher in Curacao. I also learned that Didi was originally a Red. One slightly sad thing about being a grown-up is not knowing all the career moves of a starting player on my favorite team.
 Here's a shirt that just screams 1990's.

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