Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cards from Johnny's Trading Spot

Johnny kindly sent me a medium flat-rate-box jammed with minor league cards he was looking to get rid of. Tons of variety in what he sent me which I love.

Most of the box was from Classic, like these two Ugueth Urbina cards with photos taken seconds apart. A lot of the Classic cards I had already, including a bunch of 1991, 1992 and 1994 Classic/Best and a lot of Classic 4-sport from all 4 sports, a lot of which are going straight into the Trade-A-Thon, so if you are participating in that expect some minor league cards! (And if you aren't in the Trade-A-Thon yet and want to participate, new folks are welcome!)
 I don't want to imply that he sent me a bunch of junk, though. There were a ton of really cool cards that I am keeping for myself, like super-shiny inserts from Classic.
 Lots of 1989 Star, a set I enjoy and don't have much from. Here's a Jerry Nielsen error card.
 Also more recent stuff like Just 2K, with its' weird border design.
Thanks Johnny!

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