Saturday, July 19, 2014

Contest winnings from Red Cardboard

Got a ton of cool cards in contest winnings from Red Cardboard. I picked the "overage" mostly because of two cards that were included.

This is one of them. I've seen the new Donrusses on other blogs, but this is my first one. I really like a retro look for a set that is not Topps. I especially like the rainbow D logo.
The other was this card - I have most of the Topps All-Star cards from this era, but didn't have any of the '91's, with the Topps 40 anniversary logo.
 He included a few dozen extra cards, which was a nice surprise. Here is another cool retro-style card from a non-Topps set.
 This may be the most interesting card in the set - my first 1/1, hand-signed by the Diamond King himself, Adam Dunn.
Thanks Matt!

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