Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vance Law on baseball cards

Infielder Vance Law played eleven seasons in the major leagues. The son of former Pirates pitcher Vern Law, his best season was 1988, when he hit .293 with 11 HR and 78 RBI for the Cubs, making the National League All-Star Team. Now a scout for the White Sox, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I was always surprised at some of the choices they made on which photo they would use for a card such as the one where I am cleaning my glasses or me carrying 6 baseballs to the BP bucket, or one that made me look like I just woke up. Of all the photos that were taken, that was the best that they could find? They also have one of mine that has me listed as "P" pitcher instead of the infielder that I was.

My favorite card is either the '89 Donruss All Star card or the '88 Score card. I also like the Father Son card by Topps.

I do not collect cards though I certainly had the chance to get a pretty good collection both as a boy and as a player. I only have my cards and some of my dad's cards to pass along to my children."


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