Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baseball card stories from Paul Kuzniar

Paul Kuzniar pitched four seasons in the Indians and Red Sox organizations, going 17-15 with 18 saves and a 2.28 ERA. He kindly shared with me some great baseball card stories.

"Albert Belle was my roomate for three years! On one card of mine with the Indians I was squatting down like a catcher! I was actually shooting the "the bird" - the middle finger - to Joey Belle at the time of the photo! As you will see in my baseball card they airbrushed my finger! THAT WAS ONE OF MY CLASSIC MOMENTS!
Also in my Canton card! They would not let pitchers use a bat in their cards because of the DH! As you can see I snuck in at the end, grabbed a bat and took my card picture! The funniest part about the card is that I hit right handed but took the pic left handed to really piss them off! LOL! i had to pay a small fine! It was worth it!"

Thanks! I don't have either of those cards, but here is one I do have from 1989 Best.

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