Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Cards from The Collective Mind

I sent GCA of The Collective Mind a bunch of cards for his 2008 Allen & Ginter setbuild (I still have a lot from that set to trade) and in return he sent me a nice package of early '70s cards (mostly 1970 and 1972). Here are highlights from each year:

Recently I re-read Ball Four and at the same time, was watching The Addams Family re-runs on Amazon Prime (not literally at the same time). So I was really happy to get this card of Gene "Lurch" Brabender, who really lives up to his name in this photo.
 One card - three Hall-of-Famers.
These four cards complete my World Series subset from 1972.
 GCA knocked off two big names from my 1974 needs, Rod Carew and Tom Seaver here. I hate the Mets like any good Yankee fan, but there is no doubt that this is the best-looking card in the package.

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  1. That Seaver might also be the best looking card in the '74 set.