Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Another time travel trade

Seems like I'm the only one utilizing it right now, but Diamond Jesters has a great concept called "Time Travel Trading" where he posts some available cards and you just have to trade him a card that is older.

I sent him some of my spare '61s from my recent lot purchase for these beauties. (One of the great things about vintage is that even cards of teams I don't like look great).
 I also tried to reinvigorate TTT a bit by sending him some additional '70s baseball for these football cards. I don't actively collect football, but I do keep the ones I get. That doesn't mean I usually want any in trades though. Just a side project (a true side project, not like vintage which has become my main project). One of the cards was a '77 Browns checklist. Over the weekend I picked up another big box of vintage cards (haven't blogged about it yet) and there were two football cards mixed in, one of which was a '76 Browns checklist.
No photo but I also took a Michael Jordan card, because Al the street vendor is always asking for them, so I'll be able to flip it for a baseball card.


  1. I enjoy Matt's TTT project but I don't have anything to trade him since I keep trading my vintage to you :P

    Perhaps now that he's got some new inventory I'll take a second look.

  2. Thanks for the trade! I'm not going to lie, it hurt a little giving up those sweet Red Sox vintage, but I'm hoping all those great cards you sent me will give the Time Travel project a proper boost for the new year!