Sunday, February 4, 2018

Trade with Thorzul

I hadn't traded with Thorzul in years, but recently was able to knock out his 1993 Upper Deck needs and almost all of his 1988 Topps needs. Anyone else need to complete those sets, I still have so many many more to trade. He's also one of the few bloggers with a tradelist so I was able to pick the cards coming back my way. Here are some highlights:

Eddie Murray here leaves me needing just one card left to complete 1994 Score Rookie Traded. Anyone have #3 Bo Jackson to trade?
I had never heard of Schwebel's, let alone Schwebel's Stars baseball cards. Schwebel's is an Ohio-area baked goods company.
 I always post cards I find from the 1991 Yankees-Twins Pink Hat Day at Yankee Stadium. Hard to uncover a 1992 card I didn't have before, especially of a Yankee.
 I love this shiny Pacific Prism, one of the first really shiny sets.

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