Monday, February 5, 2018

Cards from ARPSmith

Got some really awesome cards in ARPSmith's giveaway. I had never traded with him so I checked out his wantlist - it was tough but I found a few cards to send him. The box he sent me was filled up with awesome Yankee cards. Some highlights:

The Endless Summer was a 1966 surf film following two surfers around the world. Sam August, who played several years in the minor leagues and has some cards, was the son of one of those surfers. The Endless Summer was also an Upper Deck insert set.
 Danny Tartabull was not one of my favorite Yankees but this card is simply awesome.
 This was by far the oldest card in the box. Needless to say the Yankees have never had two-toned caps, plain white jerseys, or names on the back.
 This was the oldest minor league card. Love early minors stuff.
 Everything about the back is awesome too. Engraving valuables with your parents' social security number? As you can guess Dick Hoover was a Columbus police officer. As you might suspect he did die in 1981 which is why the set was commemorated to him. What may surprise you is that Sgt. Hoover played in the major leagues with the Boston Braves in 1952.
 Here's a card #35/45. I recently figured out that I have more Gary Sheffield cards than anyone else in my collection. He is a guy who played in almost the whole junk wax era and over fifteen years after that, was good enough to be included in just about every set that would have star players, but not so good that people hang onto his cards. Plus he was a Yankee for a few years.
 Finally, three different Reggie cards of three different sizes.
Fantastic variety!

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