Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Wild Card Preview

First off - check out the baseball card retrospectives I wrote on the newest members of the Hall of Very Good:
Roger Maris
Dave Parker

Playoff time! I haven't gotten to do these much the last few years. For all the reflexive mentions of the Yankees as a playoff powerhouse, they have only played one postseason game in the last five years, and haven't won a playoff series in seven years. My expectations are not high for this game. The Yankees hitting has been spotty at times, and they do not do particularly well in close games. Ervin Santana is having a career year and the Twins have led the league in runs scored in the second half, so the Yankees have their hands full. These aren't Ron Gardenhire's Twins who regularly let the Yankees steamroll over them. The Yankees hopes rest on the young arm of Luis Severino and some young bats. Let's see what happens!

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  1. That was a wild game. I thought the Twins had the chance to really step on the throat of the Yanks in the first with 3-0 lead and two men in scoring position. The Buxton K took a lot of momentum out of the Twins and I knew a 3 run lead wouldn't be enough to win it. Congrats on moving forward.

    I liked the Hall of Very Good reports. I think Parker is probably one of the most borderline HoF guys not in the Hall who isn't tied to PEDs. His numbers are almost identical to Jim Rice.