Thursday, October 5, 2017

Baseball card stories from Chris Kinsey

Chris Kinsey pitched six seasons in the Diamondbacks organization. In 169 games he went 27-40 with a 5.00 ERA. Now a paralysis recovery specialist in California, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"My childhood best friend and I collected cards our whole childhood. We would trade sometimes but always touted our best cards which were usually encased in glass or plastic of some sort. My favorite cards were of the Giants of course being born and raised so close to them in Sacramento. Kevin Mitchell, Matt Williams, Will Clark, Barry Bonds whom I had cards of when he was in a Pirates uniform so I was on the fence about him at first, amongst many others. I had rookies of Ken Griffey jr and Canseco in my collection as well as many others. At some point I moved and lost my complete collection due to oversight I think. I never really knew what happened to all my cards. When I lost my original collection I had worked my childhood and some teen years on I never restarted my collection. 

Now having been on a baseball card, I do have a funny story from when I was in A ball. I believe one of our pitchers (right-handed reliever) allowed himself the opportunity to take pictures as a back up catcher. I think for the most part it went under the radar until the baseball cards came out and the whole team got to have a look at our full team set. It was some of the best laughs as a whole team that I can remember having inside the clubhouse."
Thanks! Here is a card of Kinsey from my collection.