Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wallet Card with a unique view of Grand Central Terminal

Some things I've found as I've been going through that 50,000-card haul
 - There is a card that came from a 2016 Topps pack with a code to access an MLB The Show 16 standard item pack. This expires March 31, 2017. I'll send the code to the first person who comments here that they can use it.
- Also a code from 2015 Topps Bunt for at least 1000 free coins. There is no expiration date so I have no idea if this code is still valid. Again, first person who comments that they can use it get it.
- There is lots of Allen & Ginter here (which means that there will be a lot to trade down the line...). 2008 is coming up particularly frequently, but plenty of other years two. One of the cards is for Grand Central Terminal. There is an error on the back:
The 100th anniversary of Grand Central Terminal was in 2013, not 1913. (In 1813 there was no regular rail service in the US, and New York City had not expanded nearly as far north as the current location of GCT).

Recently an entire block of buildings next to Grand Central was demolished, to be replaced by a 100-story superskycraper. This temporary lack of neighbors has allowed New Yorkers a temporary wide view of the station, where you can fully see the front and side together. One the new building is up, this view will be gone again.


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