Friday, March 31, 2017

Trade with A Cracked Bat

Right before I traded away all of my non-baseball cards to that dealer last month, I sent Julie of A Cracked Bat some Blackhawks cards for her new collection. She responded with my favorite kind of trade package - lots of variety and oddballs. Some highlights:

I like these old Action Packed cards. Check out Frankie Crosetti stuffing his fielding glove in the back pocket of his baseball pants. These days the pants are smaller and the gloves are bigger - probably easier to put the pants in the glove now.
 Alan Trampoline, ha ha. There were 26 cards in this package, and 4 of them were Alan Trammell. Not surprising coming from a Tigers fan. But in the package I got last week from Baseball Every Night, 5 of the 28 cards were Trammells. And he's not even a Tigers fan.
 A nice high-end card of one of my favorite Yankees.
 This is my favorite card in the package. I had never seen these Triad cards before - they were produced for Whataburger restaurants in Texas. It's a great looking card - lenticular like a Sportflics, only the Ryan picture doesn't move, the purple and blue background does.

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