Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cards from Baseball Every Night

Peter from Baseball Every Night is one of the most generous bloggers this side of Arkansas. He's been giving away cards from some of his old binders and I found about thirty that I needed, all oddballs from the 1980s and 1990s.

Peter is a big Darryl Strawberry collector, so I'm always looking for Strawberrys for him. He had an extra one of these which I was happy to get.
 Darryl Strawberry and Ruben Sierra were two of the most exciting players on the 1995 Yankees team, which at the time was the best Yankee team since I started following them in 1986. I know Sierra ended up getting a bad rap but no one was more exciting when he was at the plate.
 Some of the cards he sent were of the unlicensed variety, which I always enjoy. The design here is more ambitious than the usual unlicensed fare. It was produced by Pacific Cards & Comics which as far as I can tell was not related to Pacific Trading Cards.

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