Monday, February 6, 2017

Wallet Card at J.W. Mays

The department store chain J.W. Mays (not to be confused with May Department Stores) originally opened in Brooklyn in 1924, and at its peak operated nine stores in NYC and Long Island before going out of business in 1988. Although the store chain no longer exists, J.W. Mays, Inc. still exists to manage the commercial real estate properties formerly occupied by its stores.

One of the Mays stores on Long Island became Tri-County Flea Market, where I often go to buy cards. For years the door handles at the main entrance had MAYS in big letters on them - I initially thought Mays was the door company before I learned more about the store's history. The doors were replaced before the #WalletCard project started, but I recently read that you could still see a Mays sign on the floor at a side entrance, so I knew I had to go back and take this picture.

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