Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cards from the flea market

I hadn't gotten cards from the flea market in a while, so I picked some up this weekend. I was actually there to take a wallet card photo - I'll post that at a later time - but while I was there how could I not pick up some cards? I picked out 50 cards from a dime box. Here are some highlights:

I picked up several Yankees from 1992 Bowman. Not a set you see in dime boxes much.
 Thanks to Baseball Every Night I'll now think of Olivia Newton-John every time I see a Pinnacle card. This one is a sample card.
 I love the shiny background on this card.
 This card commemorates Reggie Jackson's three-HR game at Yankee Stadium, but the picture is on the road. (Dodger stadium?) I don't care though because I like the photo.

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  1. UD Decades is a great set. Love finding singles from it sitting in dime boxes.