Friday, August 5, 2016

Trade with MiJohn

MiJohn doesn't have a blog but he does have a Zistle page. He collects Prince Fielder, Josh Hamilton, Miguel Cabrera and David Wright, the latter of which was relevant here as I had so many extra Wrights in my recent purchase of a huge Mets-centric collection. I also helped him with his 2010 and 2011 set needs - anyone have needs from those years let me know, I have huge amounts of cards from those two sets to trade, particularly from Series 2.

Here are some highlights from the great trade package MiJohn sent:

I really like these yellow Bowman prospect cards. They remind me of 1991 Fleer. I may be the only one who likes yellow cards though.
 This is a nice looking card from a set I don't remember seeing before.
 In 1981 there were still a lot of Coca-Cola privilege signs hanging over storefronts. And hanging over baseball cards too, apparently. Great oddball card.
 This Topps Archives card stood out to me immediately because in the original 1986 Topps set "White Sox" was written in white, not gray. What is funny is that the Yankees were the only other team to have white letters in that set and though I have all the Yankee cards from Archives with the '86 design I had never noticed that their letters were wrong too (blue letters).
 Finally, some shiny Bowman platinum. There were a bunch of these, and they look really great.

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