Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bryan Rekar on baseball cards

Bryan Rekar pitched for eight seasons in the major leagues with the Rockies, Devil Rays and Royals, starting over 100 games. Now a Sales Consultant for Southern Wine and Spirits in Tampa, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"One good card story is about me trading a Wade Boggs rookie card for a Bob Horner rookie card back when I was young and Wade was just in his 2nd year.  Then I ended up playing together with Wade in 1998 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and told him about that trade as it always drove me nuts growing up that I let that card go.  Wade told me “Heck that sounds like a good trade. I would have done the same.”
My favorite card of myself is my 2001 Topps card that mentions on the back that I enjoy the Simpsons and South Park.  I figure not too many people can say that about their baseball card.
I did collect baseball cards as a kid and I was a huge fan of Nolan Ryan, so I tried to get as many of his cards as I could. The oldest I ended up with was a card from 1974."

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