Monday, October 3, 2011

Watch out for this scam

Don't even feel like writing about the Yankees' piss-poor effort yesterday. And with Verlander pitching today and Burnett tomorrow the Yankees season will be over in less than 48 hours.

Instead, I'm going to write about something funny that happened with Craigslist. I responded to this post offering free baseball cards in Manhattan. (I flagged it as spam so it should be gone soon). The text read "My son moved out and left his baseball cards, if you can pick it up, yours free. Email if interested." And there was this picture:

I got a response that sounded a little strange (don't click on the link!):

I can't believe how many people responded. My first guy decided to not take it due to a little damage on the side so I took some extra pics to show you before you decide to come get it or not. Please go here and make sure you allow the java thingy if it asks so you can view the pics:
Thanks and we can arrange a time tomorrow if possible,


I thought it sounded a little suspicious so I looked up on google and sure enough its a malicious site.

Then I went back to the original Craigslist post, and at that point I had realized I had seen that exact picture before.

Remember last year when a bunch of cards were found in Potomac Park in Washington and it made the news? I remember seeing it on some of the other blogs - people thought it was funny that the police were acting like these early-80s commons were so valuable. Anyway, the Craigslist scammer stole this photo for their post!


  1. Thanks for the info, can't believe people are trying to scam card collectors now!

  2. Never been on Craig's list, but thanks for the warning !

  3. Got this same email regarding some cinderblocks on craigslist