Saturday, June 18, 2011

Player profile: Troy Afenir

I have six cards of Troy Afenir. This one is from 1992 Fleer.

Playing career: Troy Afenir played parts of four seasons for Houston, Oakland, and Cincinnati. He was known more for his glove than for his bat.

My memories: I remember the name, an interesting and unusual one, but nothing specific from his brief MLB career.

Where he is now: Bullpen coach for Palomar College and private baseball and softball instructor at Visual Edge Athletic Instruction and Development.

Interesting facts: Brother Tom Afenir and nephew Buck Afenir played minor league ball.

Google Autocomplete Results: He is second in Troy Af, between Troy After the Trojan War (apparently it was destroyed by an earthquake) and Troy ROTC (referring to the officer training corps at Troy University). There do not appear to be any other prominent Troy Afenirs.

Coming up next: The next profile will be Jeremy Affeldt.

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