Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Player Profile: Jim Adduci

I have four cards of Jim Adduci. This one is from 1989 Topps.

Playing career: Jim Adduci played parts of four seasons for the Cardinals, Brewers and Phillies. His most memorable moment was a diving stop at first base to save a no-hitter for Bob Forsch for the Cardinals in 1983. You can read more about his playing career in his profile on The Greatest 21 Days.

My memories: I remember getting his cards in the 1989 sets but his career was too short to make much of an impression on me.

Where he is now: He has worked for the Bulls Sox Training Academy in Chicago for the past fifteen years, and is currently Director of Regional Baseball Operations.

Interesting stories: The life of a long-time pro baseball player who did not stick in the major leagues can be a very difficult one. Adduci and his family moved 38 times during his ten year career. You can read about those difficulties in an editorial he wrote for the Chicago Tribune during the 1994 baseball strike. In that article, he also mentions how his nine year old son wanted to be a major leagues. Seventeen years later, Jim Adduci Jr. is now close to that dream, currently playing at the AA-level in the Cubs minor league system.

Google Autocomplete Results: He is seventh when you type in Jim Ad, between Jim Adkins Bio, referring to the singer for the band Jimmy Eat World, and Jim Adelizzi, the Vice President, Strategic Planning & Analysis at Prometheus. Another prominent Jim Adduci is an international trade attorney in Washington, DC.

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  1. I remember he was the last card I picked up from 1989 Topps. And I got like 3 at the same time!