Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Player Profile: Juan Agosto

I have 31 cards of Juan Agosto. This one is from 1990 Upper Deck.

Playing career: Juan Agosto was a relief pitcher from 1981 to 1993 with the White Sox, Twins, Astros, Cardinals and Mariners. Led the National League in games pitched in 1990. How bad was he? In every stop but Houston he was known to his team’s fans as Juan Disgusto. His career 4.01 ERA would have been a lot higher except for three years of sub-3 ERAs in Houston, who played in the most pitcher-friendly park in the National League, the Astrodome. Even his post-season stats are deceiving – he has a 0.00 playoff ERA, but the only postseason batter he faced actually hit a sacrifice fly.

My memories: His card was a frequent pull in the junk wax era, but I don’t have any specific playing memories of him.

Where he is now: Director of Royal Palm Ranch in Sarasota.

Interesting stories: Here is a very detailed description of his home in Sarasota as of 1994, when his baseball career ended.

Google Autocomplete results: The first two results when you type in Juan Ago are Juan Agosto and Juan Agosto baseball, ahead of Juan Agosto Alicea, Chairman of R&G Financial. Another prominent Juan Agosto is the Art Director at BFW Advertising.

Coming up next: The next profile will be Luis Aguayo.


  1. Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy these posts of your cards players. I also like the google autocomplete results. Great idea!!!

  2. No particular Juan Agosto memories to share, but his name did come up this week when the Mets won a game on a walk-off hit-by-pitch.

    The Mets only won that way one other time in their history, and Agosto was the pitcher who did it - somehow, he threw a pitch that managed to end up inside Daryl Boston's jersey.