Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baseball card stories from Darwin Pennye

Darwin Pennye played five seasons in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, hitting .278 with 25 HR and 211 RBI. Now the athletic director at Bay Area Christian School in League City, TX, he kindly shared with me some baseball card stories.
"My favorite story is when I was a minor league coach and the players of the Auburn Doubledays talked the photo guy into taking a picture of the mascot Abner and then they dogpiled him and I was hoping that the picture would end up on the card, but it didn't. The guy who worked as the mascot got mad and the assistant GM wound up being the mascot for that night's game.

My favorite card is my 1990 Salem Buccaneer card by Star. They snapped a pic that was natural and unrehearsed and most people said it made me look like Lawrence Taylor. Later that offseason I was walking through the mall in my hometown of Temple, Texas and a card shop had a collectors magazine and my card was on the outside cover as an inset picture. It made me feel a little special and when I bought it, the salesman said "hey that's you".

As far as baseball card collecting goes, I gave it up when I stopped playing. I have a few around the office, but as a whole it's not a hobby I care to pursue anymore."

Thanks! I couldn't find a picture of his 1990 Star, so here is one from 1991 Line Drive.

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