Friday, December 3, 2010

Cards from Scott Crawford on Cards!

Yesterday I got several hundred awesome cards from the writer of the eponymous blog Scott Crawford on Cards! These were in exchange for a complete 1989 Topps set that I had lying around for a couple of years (couldn't believe I found someone who wanted it) as well as several hundred hits to his amazing player collections - there are over 100 and include not just stars but plenty of guys who can help clear out your commons boxes like Jim Gantner, Bill Gullickson, Garry Templeton and Ed Whitson.

The cards were an incredible variety from the last thirty years that will take multiple posts to cover. Among other things, I now need only one card from 1986 Topps Mini League Leaders - the Carlton Fisk.

I am also down to just seven needs in 1991 Topps:
67 Rick Honeycutt
194 Xavier Hernandez
213 Frank Wills
390 Jose Canseco All Star
542 Rob Murphy
748 Al Newman
788 Bob Milacki

For now, I'm going to show off some of the diversity with some examples of great Yankee cards in the package, as I am a Yankee fan, as was Mr. Crawford until he discovered he had a soul.

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  1. Fun trade, Bo!

    I spent a lot of last night going through what came in, cataloguing it, and just sorta soaking it in. A lot of what I got was from a period of time when I wasn't collecting or watching a lot of baseball, so it was kind of like a cool window into another world. I'm heading downstairs to start a marathon scanning session, so for those curious, I'll be posting highlights (or what I consider highlights) from what I got over the next week or so. (I could spread it out over a month, really.)

    As an aside, that El Duque card would make my Topps Best Of All Time list. I liked it so much, I bought it twice! Enjoy it!