Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Vintage backgrounds: Wrigley Field grandstand?

I am not a good writer. Case in point - I asked the other day if people would be interested in a series on the backgrounds of vintage cards. I was thinking of just highlighting some interesting objects or views on the backs of cards, but because I wrote so vaguely, people now think I am an expert on vintage ballparks and am going to give a tutorial.

Well, I am very far from an expert but I'll give it a try!

I'll still show some interesting cameos, objects, oddities, etc, but I'll start by going through my vintage cards looking for similar ballparks, as it seems that is something people are interested in. My series will probably have as many questions as answers though. If you want to see the work of an expert, check out Wrigley Wax's posts on the 1969, 1970 and 1974 sets. He ID's stadiums like Connie Mack and RFK that I would never have thought of.

I'm going to go through my cards a year or few years at a time, looking for unique ballpark features. I started by going through my 1959-1962 cards, because (1) I don't have that many and (2) it predates baseball's return to the Polo Grounds which started this whole thing.

One ballpark I noticed had a grandstand with a large open-air section between the lower and upper decks. Clearly it was an NL park and it looks like the Phillies, Cardinals, Pirates, Reds and Giants are all in road uniforms.

My first thought was Wrigley Field, and this time I think I might be right, as Wrigley Wax has another great post on Wrigley in the 1969 set and it matches up to the cards he posted there.

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  1. Wrigley Field!
    Looks good with two exceptions..
    The Bobby Smith card is not Wrigley because of all the extra supports coming off of the beams.
    The Lindy Shows Larry card has me thinking probably not Wrigley because of the x bracing that is shown between their heads.